• Chocolate Raspberry

    We use a tart raspberry mash for this flavor. Raspberry mash is like a concentrated jam which is then mixed with sweet vanilla fudge. The chocolate comes from semi-sweet chocolate chips which are swirled around and around until they almost completely melt. Chocolate raspberry in a 1/2 lb resealable tub.
  • Key Lime

    We use the authentic key lime juice from the Florida Keys. Key limes are smaller and whiter than Persian green limes. They have a distinctive flavor known to make not only great pies but now great fudge too! It’s our lemonade fudge! Key lime in a 1/2 pound resealable tub.
  • To make this fudge we mix a strong orange flavor into our vanilla fudge and if it was cold you’d think it was a frozen dessert. The combination of orange and vanilla is a time-honored flavor, in or out of the freezer. Orange sherbet in a 1/2 pound resealable tub.
  • Pumpkin

    We mix Libby’s brand canned pumpkin with vanilla fudge and add pumpkin pie spices. Pumpkin is extremely versatile in many dessert recipes. If you love pumpkin pie, you'll love our version of this dessert, and you are welcome to add whipped cream! Pumpkin pie in a 1/2 pound resealable tub.
  • vanilla hard cider fudge vanilla hard cider fudge
    Vanilla hard cider in a 1/2 lb resealable tub.