• We make our chocolate amaretto fudge with real amaretto liqueur. First, the liqueur is mixed into our sweet vanilla fudge and then it is swirled with chocolate. The blend is 80% amaretto and 20% chocolate. Amaretto is an almond-flavored liqueur that Italian distilleries make using apricot pits or almonds. I enjoy making the chocolate amaretto fudge as I often have a few shots of amaretto left over to mix with dessert recipes for cookies, pancakes and, especially, tiramisu. You can make your own amaretto liqueur. It's easy and only takes 30 minutes or so. Consider including this fancy fudge flavor in a selection of our gift boxes. Combine it with a few of our other "spirited" flavors like Irish Cream, Chocolate Bourbon and Chocolate Stout. However, eating the amaretto will not get you tipsy, just eager for another spoonful. Chocolate amaretto in a 1/2 pound resealable tub.
  • Chocolate Cheesecake Fudge is not a cake but it sure is cheesy. Instead of using butter we use cream cheese and lots of it. After mixing, we add chocolate fudge. The cream cheese gives the fudge a cheesy taste and smooth texture. It’s a taste that is unforgettably great. Consider sending a Gold Gift Tin of chocolate cheesecake fudge with our gift card. While cheese-making can be traced back to 2000 B.C. and the Greeks invented cheesecake around 776 B.C. But is was an American who invented cream cheese in 1872 and in 2001 we put it into vanilla fudge. Cream cheese based fudge in a 1/2 pound resealable tub.
  • Our Chocolate Coconut fudge is made with shredded coconut and is a classic flavor in our line-up. The sweetened coconut is mixed throughout our regular chocolate fudge. You won’t have to hunt for the coconut. It’s everywhere! This flavor has a tropical taste that can remind you of candy bars or cakes. There aren’t any nuts in this selection although you can gently soften it in the microwave and add some! Chocolate Coconut fudge is often a popular selection in many of our Fudge Club gift packages. Chocolate Coconut in a 1/2 pound resealable tub.
  • Chocolate

    To begin with, our chocolate fudge is in the middle of milk and dark; Not bitter and not too sweet. Farmers in the tropics harvest the seeds of the cacao trees. Processing companies first dry the seeds. Then they roast and grind them into what we use to make our fudge. The intensity of cocoa in food is rated according to the amount of cacao in it. Therefore, the more cacao in the product the higher the percentage listed in the ingredients. The term "cacao" usually applies to the seed before it is processed. Afterwords folks use the term "cocoa". For fun, try making a superb sauce for ice cream. Gently warm chocolate fudge and mix it with one tablespoon of water. Also, I like to mix it into hot milk. Either way our regular or dark fudge is a winner for all. Chocolate fudge in a 1/2 pound resealable tub.
  • Chocolate Chips and Mint Fudge is mostly mint with chocolate mixed into vanilla fudge. After making the fudge we wait a few hours before sprinkling the chips on top so they won't melt. No two tubs look alike as the chocolate swirls form different, pretty patterns in each one. The word "Mint" is a generic or family name for many plant varieties of mint, however we use a peppermint flavorfor our fudge. Our Round Gift Tins show the swirled patters exceptionally well. Chocolate mint in a 1/2 pound resealable tub.
  • Our Chocolate Rum Raisin Fudge is a classic flavor using brand name ingredients. We add Bacardi rum along with Sun-Maid California raisins to produce a wonderful fragrance right when you lift the lid. The rum flavor is reasonably strong and blends perfectly well with the chocolate. The raisins make for a chewy texture and, of course, add to the taste as well. We have a number of fudge flavors with spirits which would combine well in a Fudge Club Subscription. If you like to bake like I do, try this rum cake recipe from Little Sweet Baker It's quite easy to make and fun to bake! Chocolate Rum Raisin Fudge in a 1/2 pound resealable tub.
  • Our Chocolate Walnut Fudge is loaded with crispy walnuts from California. The nuts are thoroughly mixed into the chocolate so you will have some in every bite. If you know folks who are just nutty about nuts may we suggest that you send them a Fudge Club subscription and surprise them with our walnut, pecan and peanut varieties every month. California is the only American state that commercially grows walnuts. As soon as they arrive to us in Vermont we freeze them to keep them fresh and crispy. Walnut are very healthy to eat whether in our fudge or in a bag. Chocolate Walnut Fudge in a 1/2 pound resealable tub.
  • Yes, we use real Irish Cream; Bailey’s brand. Bailey’s is a combination of Irish whiskey and dairy cream. When we mix it with our rich and creamy vanilla fudge the result is absolutely delicious. Imagine a Four-Tub Fudge Gift Box with Irish Cream Fudge next to Chocolate Bourbon, Vanilla Chardonnay, and Chocolate Amaretto. A unique gift for sure. Someday, try and make your own Irish Cream. It's as easy as pie! Irish Cream Fudge in a 1/2 pound resealable tub.
  • peanut butter chocolate fudge
    Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge is the flavor combination that is popular everywhere, anytime! We don't layer the two flavors on top of each other but mix them completely together so you’ll enjoy both with every bite. When you send a Gift Box be sure to include this flavor in the selection. It's one of our top three flavors. Have you every tasted a buckeye (not the nut) before? Make some today! Then order our fudge! Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge in a 1/2 pound resealable tub.
  • A good, inexpensive Cabernet Sauvignon wine gives just the right background flavor and fragrance to our own smooth and phenomenal tasting chocolate fudge. Here is a one-of-a-kind sensation that is a fun dessert at the end of any main course. I use the whole bottle in each batch although I usually find a few drops left behind! An interesting two-tub gift box combination would be the Chocolate Cabernet and our Irish Cream. Some wine followers say that Cabernet Sauvignon, which tastes tangy, is better paired with food (fudge). So, that's why we combine the two to save you the time. Added fancy to your chocolate fudge in a 1/2 lb resealable tub.
  • chocolate caramel fudge chocolate caramel fudge
    Our smooth, Chocolate Caramel fudge is made with 20% caramel. First, we melt the caramel and then mix it into the chocolate. There aren't any chunks of caramel. So it's easy to eat and every spoonful has the same caramel intensity. You can make your own caramel at home. Although there are many recipes all you really need is sugar, butter and a hot skillet. We also use caramel in our Chewy Praline fudge but it's a chunky style, not smooth. Chocolate Caramel in a 1/2 lb resealable tub.
  • chocolate caramel peanut fudge chocolate caramel peanut fudge
    You'll love this flavor combination: We nestle a rich peanut-caramel layer between two layers of chocolate. In addition to that we dab more caramel and a few more chopped peanuts on the top. The middle layer is chewy, and the roasted peanuts are lightly salted. Many dessert chefs use chocolate, caramel and peanuts in lots of recipes such as cakes, cookies and of course, ice cream sundaes. Our Chocolate Caramel isn't chewy if you prefer that style. By the way, if you like it more salty, go ahead and shake some on. Also, if you like it more soft, gently warm it in the microwave. Chocolate Caramel Peanut in a 1/2 lb resealable tub.
  • Chocolate Pecan is our classic southern fudge. We include lots of pecans throughout the chocolate so there is plenty of crunch in every tub. Surprise your pecan-loving friends with a Three-Tub Gift Box featuring Chocolate Pecan, Vanilla Pecan and Chewy Praline. Pecans are grown domestically throughout the southern USA where they find lots of sunlight and plenty of loamy soil. We purchase our pecans from groves in Georgia and usually bake a pecan pie each month. Chocolate Pecan in a 1/2 lb resealable tub.
  • Chocolate Raspberry Fudge

    To make the Chocolate Raspberry Fudge we use a tart tasting raspberry mash. Raspberry mash is like a concentrated jam which we then mix with sweet vanilla fudge. The chocolate comes from our regular chocolate fudge which forms about 20% of the flavor. No two tubs look the same as the swirls look differently every time we make it. Consider sending a Three-Tub Gift Box including this flavor along with Orange Sherbet Fudge and Key Lime Fudge. Raspberries plants are fun to have in your own backyard and spring time is the best time to plant some. In the meantime, you are welcome to enjoy ours! Chocolate Raspberry Fudge in a 1/2 lb resealable tub.
  • Dark Chocolate Fudge is very chocolaty but not at all bitter. Dark chocolate is promoted by the medical community as an alternative to milk chocolate as it has much fewer carbohydrates. An interesting gift package to send might be a Two-Tub Gift Box featuring this flavor next to chocolate fudge. Lastly, try gently warming a fudge tub with a tablespoon of water, in a microwave and pour it over ice cream. Sounds good to me! Dark Chocolate Fudge in a 1/2 lb resealable tub.
  • This Dark Chocolate Walnut Fudge has a deeper, more intense flavor than the regular chocolate but it’s not a bitter dark chocolate taste. The crunchy walnuts are thoroughly mixed inside the creamy fudge for a good crunch with every bite. When we make the One-Pound "Gold" Bar we place extra walnuts right on top for great eye appeal. Our dark chocolate fudge is not bitter, just more chocolaty than our regular chocolate. You can freeze the dark chocolate for a full year in a freezer bag without changing the texture, color or flavor. And dark chocolate has great health benefits too, so why wait? Dark Chocolate Walnut Fudge in a 1/2 lb resealable tub.
  • Our Mudslide Fudge is a mixture of equal amounts of vodka, Kahlua and Bailey’s Irish cream. We mix this "cocktail" into our sweet vanilla fudge for a wonderful tasting dessert. Look for our signature chocolate "mudslide” swirled on the top. The signature swirl looks like a painting on top of our Mudslide Fudge One-Pound Gift Tin. Try making Mudslide cookies with a Bailey's glaze. The recipe is simple and makes a very unique cookie however, not as tasty as our fudge! Mudslide Fudge in a 1/2 lb resealable tub.
  • Rocky Road Fudge is the combination of crunchy California Walnuts and marshmallows all mixed into our regular chocolate fudge. It's a fun flavor to enjoy with a variety of taste. Rocky Road looks real tantalizing in our One-Pound Gold Bar Gift Box as we sprinkle the top with more nuts and swirl it with whipped marshmallow. The Rocky Road name is also used in many brownie recipes too. However, we recommend our fudge just to save you time in the kitchen! Rocky Road Fudge in a 1/2 lb resealable tub.