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  • Penuchi Fudge

    Penuchi Fudge is the only fudge that uses brown sugar while all the rest use white sugar. The name is pronounced "Pee-new-chee". It's a very traditional flavor especially in the northeastern USA. When someone remembers Grandma making fudge it was probably this flavor she made. Send a gift of a One-Pound Gift Tin to someone who may remember the taste of Penuchi Fudge. Then, order some for yourself and taste what you've been missing! The word, "penuchi" (also spelled "penuche"), derives from a Spanish word for a coarse, brown sugar. A cake frosting recipe made with brown sugar has a very similar flavor. It tastes great on donuts too. Penuchi Fudge in a 1/2 pound resealable tub.
  • Penuchi Walnut Fudge is the same as our regular penuchi fudge except it has crunchy, California walnuts mixed in. This is a traditional fudge flavor that is very popular in New England USA. It is the only fudge that uses brown sugar and was probably the first fudge flavor ever made. Send a Two-Tub Gift Box with both the plain penuchi fudge and the walnut style too! Some say that its history began in Peniche, Portugal. Maybe...maybe not!
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