Image by Pera Detlic from pixabay

National Walnut Day – May 17, 2020

As we breezed through the weekend, we may have strolled past a very important day on Sunday, May 17, celebrating the one item which squirrels’ go nuts for…walnuts! And National Walnut Day is a day to give thanks to the many health benefits associated with the nutrient-filled, edible walnut.

The walnut is classified as a “stone fruit,” says National Day Calendar, and is known for its essential “healthy fats.” The walnut also is known for storing “juice” but instead of drinking the juice it was used as a dye to color clothing. The liquid derived from the walnut contains a permanent staining solution you wouldn’t want to spill on your clothes.

Dating back to 7000 B.C., the walnut is officially the oldest food which comes from a tree ( It was actually transported for centuries via caravans along the Silk Road trading route between Asia and the Middle East.
English merchant marines transported the product for trade to ports around the world and consequently they became known as English Walnuts according to the web site California Walnuts History. Interestingly, England never did grow walnuts.

In 1867 a California orchardist and nursery man named Joseph Sexton, first planted commercial English walnuts in the USA. Today, California accounts for 99% of the nation’s supply of walnuts and three-quarters of the world trade.

Incorporate these healthy nuts into your diet by mixing walnuts with yogurt, or topping off your ice cream with crushed walnuts drizzled with Vermont’s finest maple syrup.

But don’t forget you can also enjoy walnuts in many of Phenomenal Fudge’s flavors including Chocolate Walnut, Dark Chocolate Walnut, Maple Walnut, Vanilla Walnut, Rocky Road, Pistachio Walnut and Penuche Walnut. Happy Snacking!