What could be a better day to celebrate than National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day? Vermont has the perfect weather for the perfect season, in my mind, within these next couple of months. As people get outside to enjoy the fun and frolic amidst Vermont’s colorful leaves, many senses will be renewed. Scents of homemade doughnuts, warm apple cider and pumpkin pies will be caught in the air encouraging those to savor the moment. Days like October 21st, when we celebrate National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day, will spark a memory in some bringing back fond memories of their childhood.


Did you know that it was the American’s who decided to add cream cheese to the already-made heavenly desert, known as cheesecake? After accidentally creating the mixture in 1872, when a New York dairy farmer was trying to make the French cheese known as Neufchatel, cream cheese was born. Just three years later, sold in stores locally and under the name Philadelphia Cream Cheese, the mixture became a popular favorite used in many household’s. Soon the brand was bought in 1903 by Phoenix Cheese Company and then by  Kraft Cheese in 1928. To this day, Kraft continues to make the same cream cheese we all know and love.


Fast forward to today’s year, 2019, where we now have a plethora of additives to make precisely any flavor imaginable. Include the season’s pumpkin flavor, or eggnog additive or nutmeg spice to your favorite Phenomenal Fudge flavor and start creating more memories! You’ll be glad you did!