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November 30 was the day to celebrate National Mousse Day. Many words in the American
language stem from the French language – Like the word “mousse”.
In French mousse means foam.  A typical basic mousse is made by mixing or beating egg
whites with cream and served chilled much like creating your own whipped cream. But with a
little imagination you can make many varieties of this not just for dessert, but for an appetizer or
main meal as well.
Add a bit of zest atop a lemon-flavored mousse or chocolate chips on top of a creamy chocolate
mousse for a delectable dessert. Depending upon what you add to the basic mousse recipe a
mousse can also be made into a sweet or savory dish. How about mixing in bits of salmon to
make a smoky salmon mousse for an appetizer!
Mousse can be used in many varieties with many flavors like avocado mousse, blue cheese
mousse and salted caramel mousse are just some of the possibilities one could make with using
just the simple basic recipe for mousse. The possibilities are endless!
But we’re not done. this past week there was another national day to celebrate – National
Bavarian Creme Pie Day which was on November 27.
Hats off and salutations to the famous French chef Marie-Antione Carême (1784-1833) who,
although he didn’t create it, he did perfect the pie. By using a gelatin-based pastry cream (or
custard made with gelatin), and then allowing the flavored cream to set firmly in the mold, he
created a delicious Bavarian Cream Pie. Thanks Chef.
Phenomenal Fudge doesn’t usually make a Bavarian Crème pie or a mousse fudge but we can
come really close to making either. Send us an email and we will tell you the details.