fudge booth vt

As July 18  marked “Get to Know Your Customers Day”, which is celebrated each quarter of the calendar year (the third Thursday of each month) we would like to reach out to you, the readers and buyers of our lovable fudge.

When businesses get to know their customers, they get knowledge about how to better their business. They get to know their customers; their shopping habits, their likes and dislikes. Also, if businesses don’t have a particular item on hand you’re looking for, many would be glad to get it for you. That’s why we, at Phenomenal Fudge, a family owned and operated business, are willing to give you the personal attention many businesses ignore.

As the new day-and-age comes upon us, with the technology of the world wide web and the growth and expanse of big-box stores, much of the personal attention once provided to customers has vanished.

If you’re interested in a flavor we don’t have listed on our website, feel free to tell us. If you don’t like something on your website, be sure to tell us. If you have thoughts about how we make a flavor, or would rather not like all those nuts atop the fudge, chances are pretty good you’re not alone.

So, don’t be shy and drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you. Each customer deserves to be treated respectfully and that’s why we make it a priority to treat you as our best customer of the day, because you are!