Ronald Reagan enacted National Ice Cream Month in July of 1984, as 90% of the nation enjoys the dessert. Kids and adults, while enjoying their summertime leisure (depending on who you ask), are most likely to be found spending their time at carnivals, parks, and of course, ice cream stands. As July 11th marks Make Your Own Sundae Day, it is a day to spend with family and loved ones, as most holidays, to create one’s own specialized ice cream sundae. Since 1992, each person chooses two candy toppings along with one fruit topping and finishes by using all available toppings. As the day boasts creativity among participants, those are encouraged to make themed or artistic sundaes.

Utilizing the toppings inside the Phenomenal Fudge factory, the attendees would be sure to create their utmost best, imaginable rendition of their own original sundae. Walnuts, peanuts, Oreo and/or coconut pieces, chocolate chips, raisins, toffee, marshmallow’s and/or pistachios surely would be enjoyable along with hot fudge, caramel and/or peanut butter sauce.

Any of these toppings along with America’s favorite dessert, ice cream, would be delicious. In fact, July 21 officially marks National Ice Cream Day. Being recognized as a food that is nutritious and fun, President Ronald Reagan truly was one of the best presidents our nation has ever had. As summer is upon us, let’s do as he said, and embark on a trip to a fair, carnival or ice cream stand. And don’t forget the toppings; they bring out one’s creativity.