Has the summertime sunshine been too hot and keeping everyone inside enjoying the AC? As temperatures spike into the high 80’s of this week, one may think fudge would get too hot and melt, inside and outside. Phenomenal Fudge is properly packaged for shipment any time of the year.

We package the six-pound bars for wholesale in freezer bags and our half-pound tubs are sealed and shippable in any weather conditions.

Freezing our fudge before shipment or refreezing after delivery is also a way to firm up the fudge during the summer months. Don’t worry though, freezing Phenomenal Fudge doesn’t affect its taste, color or texture, nor does the amount of time the fudge is stored in the freezer.

If you’re wondering what to do with all the fudge you haven’t eaten yet, or only want a small portion and just cannot finish it by the “Best By” date simply put the rest in the freezer and enjoy at a later time and share the dessert with guests during a holiday celebration.

As we just enjoyed National Penuche Fudge Day on July 22 one might want to have some of this delicious snack on hand for the rest of the summer.  Penuche has a light brown color and is the only fudge made with brown sugar and can be considered as a distant cousin to maple.

As with most of our fudge flavors, toppings can be added or the dessert can be enjoyed by itself. You can also warm in up and mix it with water for a tasty topping for ice cream.