As the temperatures direct us into a new season, fall foliage is upon us and the leaves of New England are changing color. The excitement of the holidays begin and people can enjoy the festivities, food and frolic. However, with the craze of the upcoming events people have marked on their calendar, has anyone ever stopped to research the origin of such events, certain foods or meals?

For example, Kathy Pellicio, the owner of Super Seedz, founded National Pumpkin Seed Day in 2016 to enlighten others of the health benefits of pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin Seed Day is celebrated on the first Wednesday of October. Using a cast iron pan in her kitchen, Kathy cooked the seeds and added them to dishes such as salads, yogurts and oatmeal.

Dating as far back as 700 BC, the Aztec’s and Mayan’s believed pumpkin seeds to be delicious and nutritious. Right they were, as pumpkin seeds contain 2.5 times more protein than a hard-boiled egg and provides 40% of the Recommended Daily Intake of magnesium, phosphorus and manganese, all essential to the human body. Did you know that pumpkin seeds without shells, also known as pepitas, are also delicious and nutritious?  We don’t include them in Phenomenal Fudge’s sweet mixture of cream and butter but see if your local store has them so you can enjoy the two together for an irresistible, long-lasting taste. Act now and order your pumpkin fudge before the snow comes so you can be prepared. Get cozy with your comfy pants and indulge!