Sunday, August 25th begins the yearly Be Kind To Humankind Week. As much of the media is consumed with negative publicity, people may start thinking negatively of our country. The uplifting and encouraging truth reveals otherwise, though. The majority of people in this world are nice, kind-hearted, honest and truthful souls, says the 2019 Chase’s Calendar of Events. We don’t need National days of the week, holidays, or even gifts to remind those to spread their internal joy. Though there are certain dates of celebration to reflect such actions, such as Thoughtful Thursday and Forgive Your Foe Friday, more importantly to note is the generosity of such individuals who are willing to lend a hand.


Why not show your appreciation for others who would do so for you? Sunday the 25th also happens to be National Banana Split Day. So grab the whipped cream, toppings and melt your favorite Phenomenal Fudge flavor atop banana’s and ice cream. (Appreciate others and offer it to a friend). However, there is only one correct way to create a banana split sundae.  Served in a boat-like dish, and after cutting the banana lengthwise, add a scoop of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream in the middle. Putting crushed pineapple atop the strawberry, hot chocolate (fudge) sauce over the vanilla, and adding strawberry topping to the chocolate, one is sure to appreciate this favor (or flavor:)!


Invented in 1904 by a 23 year-old, selling them for $.10, David Strickler was able to double his cost.