Have you had Your Cake and Eaten it too?
With all the desserts and candies people love, is it any wonder why there would be a National
Dessert Day? Of course not! Monday, October 14th gives you permission to eat the sweets you
love! And I know one may have a hard time deciding what to eat first. With a plethora of
desserts offered around every corner, every aisle, and every turn in the road, the choices are
endless. Places visited: whether it be carnivals, fairs, open houses or concerts, offer a dish to
share or a dessert to enjoy. Let’s pause for a moment though, and think about how our
ancestors must have survived without.
Since the beginning of time, when people were concerned with nutrition rather than taste to
survive, certain foods were rather bland. Over the years, fares have evolved into more luscious
tasting cuisines. With the advent of machines, and the more crops being planted, recipes
became more involved and complex. What was once a simple candy or tart fruit/nut, has now
evolved to cakes, pies, milkshakes, souffles and..….fudge!
Let’s celebrate this day and age, while noting how far we have come, and dive into our favorite,
or in this case many favorites, of fudge (without feeling guilty). It’s not every day one gets to
enjoy unlimited desserts. Invite your friends, family members or even co-workers and continue
the tradition of offering desserts everywhere, every place and every time one goes out to enjoy
or celebrate everything our country has to offer.