Crazy for Chocolate Chips by Sarah V. Hayes

Image by pixel1 at Pixabay

Friday, May 15 is a celebration for one tasty treat everyone knows and loves. Without these edible, gooey, melt-in-your-mouth morsels, surely people of all ages were missing out on the one thing their sweet-tooth (or teeth) was craving. National Chocolate Chip Day is a day to commemorate the famous, well-known candy people crave. People, such as Ruth Graves Wakefield from Whitman Massachusetts, who invented such cookies. Without her creativity and willingness to experiment, the chocolate chip cookie may not have ever been invented.

In 1937, Ruth worked for Toll House Inn when she began to add pieces of a Nestle chocolate chunk candy bar to a cookie recipe. Due to her curiosity and willingness to experiment, she signed an agreement with Nestle to have her recipe printed on each package of morsels. To thank Ruth, she was given a lifetime supply of chocolate. Nestle decided to keep the name, Toll House, in remembrance of the Inn Ruth worked for. In 1941, Nestle began selling chocolate in chips, or morsels. Semi-sweet had been the original flavor of such morsels. Today, there are 7 including bittersweet, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, mint and dark swirled.

Other Savory desserts which include chocolate chips are Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bar’s from Avarie Cooks. Be even more creative by adding the flavor to a cake, pudding, pie, ice cream or other dish. The possibilities are endless with this fabulous morsel. Celebrate Belated-Mom’s Day and National Chocolate Chip Day with this treat she’ll love!

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Source credited: National Day Calendar