After a cool and rainy early spring season the recent spike of temperatures are now encouraging us to finally get out of the house and enjoy the great outdoors. National Cotton Candy Day was Tuesday June 11, so we decided to celebrate by taking a family trip to a local festival in Brandon, VT. The chances were good that we could find some of that pink, blue or white treat on a stick that magically disappears in your mouth, also known as cotton candy.

We began our adventure by having lunch at the Brandon House of Pizza for an inexpensive but very tasty lunch. The front part of the restaurant was packed but there was room for us with additional seating in back that offered a Foosball table and buckets of toys. It wasn’t too noisy so the adults could still enjoy a conversation without being distracted while the kids played.

After enjoying an amazing Hawaiian pizza, we quickly began our quest for cotton-candy.

As we made our way towards the free parking lot, smiles of joy and shouts of excitement filled the air. “I want to ride that one,” they each bellowed while racing toward their ride of choice. Hearing their loud squalls of glee reminded me of what we’ve been missing during these long, cold months of winter. Just as the butterfly emerges from its cocoon, we too are coming out of hibernation. Be careful not to blink, you may miss these colorful experiences of youth- cotton candy.

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