Andrew Scrivani for The New York Times

As Chocolate Pecan Pie Day is among us on Tuesday August 20, one may start asking the question: what isn’t there to celebrate? Well, that’s the thing: Studying from the National Day Calendar online (hps://,  one will never miss the upcoming world-renowned holidays.

As National Pecan Pie Day was celebrated July 12 it seems only necessary that we should keep current with theme. And who doesn’t like chocolate? According to the National Day Calendar, while molasses is used to make this heavenly treat, different sugars can also be used including brown or white. Add some pure Vermont honey, and you’ve brought out the sweetness of this dish. Want to spice up your recipe even more? Add some bourbon, rum or whiskey (not too much though). Want an alternative to chocolate pecan pie with no eggs? Sugar cream pie is a delicious alternative.

Many recipes ( for chocolate pecan pie require eggs. Believe-it-or-not, the majority of eggs are produced in the spring and summer as opposed to winter and fall.“Chicken rely on the sun to know when to lay eggs. When the days are shorter, they lay fewer eggs. In the winter, they may lay no eggs at all,” according to the National Day Calendar. During these months when hens do not lay eggs, a substitute pie was created that doesn’t require eggs: The Sugar Cream Pie.

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