Luck O’ The Irish Has It Again

Posted by Sarah V. Hayes on Jan 18th 2021

Luck O’ The Irish Has It Again

Photo by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Has anyone ever heard of, or had, Irish coffee before? Personally, I’ve heard of Irish brew and stew, but never coffee. Even as a traveler there, during a commute on a study-abroad trip, experiencing such drink was not at the height of my to-do list. Of course, if I was an avid coffee drinker, I’d probably re-prioritize my list.

Although, having experienced most things Irish during my stay, I would have to proclaim: coffee wouldn’t be Irish if the substance didn’t contain alcohol. Of course, having the shamrock lined with foamy cream atop is pretty cool too. So, to make an original cup of Irish coffee, the directions from National Day Calendar state to serve in a warm glass. Follow by filling ⅔ of the glass with freshly brewed coffee. Mix a heaping teaspoon of sugar throughout. Complete by adding, of course, 1 ounce of Irish whiskey. Surprise yourself, or your guest, with the addition of the cream on top in the shape of a shamrock.

Note to preparer and drinker: whipping cream (lightly whipped or foamed) NOT to be confused with whipped cream, is best at 48 hours.

After many years, I am slowly becoming a coffee drinker myself. Call me a youngin’ who has not expanded her drink palate, but I still prefer the French Vanilla Cappuccinos from the gas stations (just the right amount of additives).

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