Have you had your coffee today?

Posted by Sarah V. Hayes on Sep 28th 2020

Have you had your coffee today?

For all of you coffee fans out there, I might just have the perfect item to perk your interest. While it may not be called coffee fudge, or even coffee-flavored fudge, Kahlua fudge happens to be blend of Arabica coffee and sugarcane rum. This Mexican liqueur is blended in the towns near Veracruz, Mexico. The fudge we are celebrating this week is Kahlua fudge. That’s right: Tuesday, September 29th is National Coffee Day.

But what actually makes the perfect cup of “Joe”. Rather than simply the taste and/or temperature, there are a few other elements which comprise the perfect cup of coffee: aroma, body, acidity, and flavor. I don’t consider myself a coffee-drinker, however, the smell of roasting beans is enough to make me reconsider.

Interestingly enough, the location of where the comes from provides a difference in quality. “The higher the elevation the coffee plant grows, the higher the quality and acidity.” But don’t just take my word for it. Take this advice from the coffee experts who say the bean, the roast and the brew are all important when selecting your favorite drink.

A bit of history concludes that in the country of Yemen in the late 1500’s, coffee was roasted then brewed by the monks. Monks then brought coffee back to their mainland in Ethiopia to grow the seed as well. A man, Baba Budan, tapped seven coffee seeds to his chest and fled from the Middle East. This action created a ripple effect, with the first seeds being planted in Mysore. Soon spreading to Italy, Europe, Indonesia and America, coffee is now produced worldwide. Today, Brazil produces more coffee than any other country.

Find out more on the National Day Calendar website for a brief history of coffee. Visit our exciting, delicious website here for a taste of Kahlua fudge, and many other fudge flavors including Cappuccino.

Photo credit: Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay