Image by Helger11 fromPixabay

As we welcome the month of April, we also welcome pecans. That’s right: National Pecan Month is April and you should enjoy some all month long.

According to the Hudson Pecan Company, “The only major tree nut that grows naturally in North America, the pecan is considered one of the most valuable North American nut species.” The word “pecan” stems from the American Indian Algonquin language, and it refers to all nuts requiring a stone to crack.

The first commercial pecan planting began in Long Island, NY in 1772. Both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew them in their own gardens. Their popularity soon spread throughout the eastern seaboard. Pecans are now grown in Europe and the West Indies but grow best in the southeastern USA. Pecan trees enjoy the warmer temperatures but thrive in loamy soils.

Pecans are found in some of the most mouth-watering dishes available. Try the well-known Pecan Pie, or if you’re a fish eater, Alaskan Salmon Bake with Pecans. Awesome Honey Pecan Pork Chops are a great dish to share. Chop up some pecans and sprinkle the bits over buttered green beans and even ice cream.

Southern Living also has a handful of pecan recipes which include Double-Chocolate Pecan Pie, Mini-Pecan Monkey Bread Loaves or Putt’s Butter Pecan Sundae. And how about celebrating National Pecan Month by enjoying our fudge with pecans such as chewy praline with caramel.

So, the next time you have a pecan snack attack take a second and think of the history of the pecan. And be glad you don’t need a stone anymore to crack one – just buy a bag!