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Fudge Flavors of the Month

Phenomenal Fudge Flavor of the Month - 2017

jan-tin-roof-sm.jpgJanuary:  Tin Roof Sundae
A mixture of rich Chocolate Fudge and Divinity packed with salted peanuts

February:  Chocolate Winter Mint
Chocolate Fudge swirled with ribbons of minty marshmallow crème -- just like stirring hot chocolate with a peppermint stick!
march-irish-coffee-sm.jpgMarch:  Irish Coffee
Vanilla Fudge infused with the taste of Irish Cream and coffee
April:  Butterscotch
Creamy Vanilla Fudge infused with the smooth flavor of butterscotch
photo-to-come-sm.jpgMay:  Coconut Custard Pie
Velvety Vanilla Fudge blended with Coconut flakes and topped with caramelized sugar.
June:  Strawberry Margarita
The taste of a strawberry margarita without the alcohol
July:  Mango Coconut
Enjoy a taste of the tropics with creamy Vanilla Fudge blended with coconut and infused with mango
August:  Monkey Business
Delicious layers of fresh Banana Fudge and creamy Peanut Butter Fudge
September:  Caramel Apple Pie
Fudge made with Fresh Apple Cider, Dried Apple Pieces and Cinnamon, then swirled with Caramel
October:  Chocolate Caramel Cookie
Inspired by Twix® cookie bars -- a yummy blend of Chocolate Fudge, chocolate-covered grahams and caramel
November:  White Chocolate Cranberry
Creamy Vanilla Fudge blended with dried cranberries and topped with white chocolate chips.
December:  Peppermint Bark
Chocolate Fudge layered with swirled Peppermint Fudge that’s topped with crushed peppermint candy