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The Finish Line

Posted by Sarah V. Jackson on

The yellowish glow I see beyond the mountains tells me of the great day awaiting. I bend the final left-hand curve in the road and am eager to make the last ascending run up the driveway. With our dog, Lucy, by my side, as she always is during my early morning jogs, I guide her towards the gate on my property. Thinking Lucy knows the drill by now; where to go, I unleash her and expect her to continue towards the house. Upon hearing the “click”, or opening, of the gate, she immediately bolts, ignoring my direction and words as I try to rein her back towards our property.

Staying true to my expectations of the kind of day I want to have, I don’t yell in anger. Rather, I force my internal emotions to remain calm. I push aside all pent-up anger I have towards Lucy for completely ignoring me yet doing the complete opposite of what I said (I told to her to ‘stay’, right?). As if used to this occasional occurrence by now, I casually walk down the hill towards our neighbor’s property, grab Lucy by the collar and walk her back inside our fenced-in property. With a quick sigh of relief that further commotion hadn’t been created, I take a deep breath and start my morning routine by waking the girls up for school.

Upon returning from dropping them off at school, I gather all strength/intensity I have and find what has to be done in the house; laundry. My Mom has been helping me with this task by coming over once a week. I usually have a difficult time performing most “household duties” expected of me because I either a) lose focus or b)don’t think the duty is that pertinent. I scan the house as my eyes take a mental note of the “possible” dirty clothes on the floor in their rooms and out of place on the furniture in the living room. And it’s just not clothes; its shoes, hats, toys, etc. I squeeze my eyes shut and inhale while lifting my shoulders as I prepare myself for the duties of housekeeper.

As the day ends, I commend myself on taking over such duties today. Toppled with dog duties (play and exercise), kid duties (meals, dress and school) and self maintenance duties (taking care of myself), I am pretty proud today. I’m happy; I feel in control of my life, I’m getting things done around the house without the help of anyone else.

Some days are just like this; a chore to make it through the day’s end. But with the lights down low and everyone in their bed fast asleep, it appears I have succeeded at completing this day. Now I can rest my eyes and body in preparation of daylight to appear in seven hours. Believe you can conquer the foothills of tomorrow parents, for the day is awaiting and children need guidance.

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