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Television is my Savior: Phenomenal Moms

Posted by Sarah V. Jackson on

Wow. August has come and gone, the thrill of summer has vanished and I’ve been caught up in my own life to keep up with my weekly postings. Although, I must say, it is easy to blame the kids for reasons why I have not kept timely posts; none, in fact, since July. Yes, I am one of those parents that happily greets the new fall season as it approaches with a pang of excitement which means I can finally get some work done. 

I have enjoyed being with the kids during the early summer months; taking them to swim lessons, camps, parks, picnics and having motherly-daughter bond time; however, in doing so, I have put most of my own agenda-items on the back burner. Now, as the new school year returns, I feel my old self starting to emerge again, which was hidden beneath layers of I thought more-important things. Now I can get back into my routine of running in the early morning, writing or whatever chores I must complete before I wake the kids for school.

I have become efficient at taking care of me (exercising regularly) while I have developed a mediocre sense of cooking for the family which makes me feel happy. I also have developed a new fondness for the television during these past summer months; not for me, but to entertain my little ones. In the past, I had been an anti-tv mom, at least since the kids were born. Now, I have developed a new bond with the four-sided, remote-controlled television (AKA my savior, my helper, my right-hand man).

I have also learned new things over the summer months that my children like to entertain themselves with. These so-called games involve putting things around one’s neck, which I do not recommend, nor do I encourage or condone. Surprisingly, a belt, a jump rope, a camera charger cord and beaded curtains all act as my child’s leash in attempts to pull and guide one-another around the house. “Maybe they’re just bored,” I would state as I would quickly try to entertain them with something else: a book, project or craft. Although, I have learned, the best way to distract, or entertain kids, is to get help from...you guessed it, my right-hand man, my helper and savior, the television.

As the school year approaches though, I look forward to the many hours of uninterrupted silence I can spend devoted to my writing. I often forget though, as the girls will be in school, I will still be home with a chaotic, eight-month-old puppy doing somersaults around my cat which I will have to contend with. My life as a multi-tasker just keeps getting better!

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