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"Smarter than Me" - Phenomenal Kids

Posted by Sarah V. Jackson on

Am I at a point in my life which is preparing me for the future; the fact that my two-year-old claims to be smarter than me? When asking her anything, the response is always, “No” and she waves her hands and walks away from me. As if I don’t know anything, she is quick to judge by raising her voice, throwing herself on the floor acting like I’m just not listening to her language. Making me feel like my job is to understand her always, she looks at me as if saying, “Duh, Mom, if you just listen to me and do what I say, then you wouldn’t be so stressed out all the time!”

What she doesn’t notice is that I do listen to her and she is the reason why I’m so stressed out. I listen so intently that I feel like I’m playing Simon-Says and she is the instructor—and I’m losing! Our bed time routine was simple; bath, story, bed. Now it has become a never-ending sporting event. Somewhere in between the simple bed-time routine, she decides to run through the house, screaming, ruining my routine for putting baby #1 and now, baby #2 to bed. Now, #1 and #2 are both screaming and I am pulling my hair as I have lost my mind.

What the heck; I’m 30 years old and my daughter, who can’t even speak in complete sentences yet, much less tell me how many fingers I’m holding up, claims to know more than I do! I admit when I was a kid I thought 30 was old and of course, my parents were always wrong. But now that I’m at this stage in my life, 30 isn’t that old! And of course, I’m always right! Am I just getting pay-back for all those years I thought I was holier-than-thou?

Perhaps I am getting a taste of my own medicine from when I was younger. At some point in our lives, though, I think we all do. We should not look at it as payback, but rather, a stage of growing up. When our two-year-old's are always saying ‘no’ and thinking the caregivers/parents are wrong, we must respond with humor, shake our heads, agree and say, “Of course, what was I thinking? Even though you’re only two, still need my help tying your shoe laces, eating your food, brushing your teeth and even changing your diaper; even though I’m 30 years old, you know more than I do and I don’t know anything.” I have a feeling though, that I should get used to saying this for the next twenty years, as maturity doesn’t happen overnight. For now, though, I will just enjoy watching my daughters grow up in a world where anything is possible.


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