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Morals part 2: Phenomenal Parents

Posted by Sarah V. Jackson on

After returning the JRT to its home, I returned to my home and continued with my morning routine; getting the girls’ cereal, teeth brushed, dressed, putting snacks in their backpacks and making their hair look nice. I was feeling proud of myself not only for staying sane through this morning production but for completing it in a timely manner. In addition, knowing I had done the right thing, by returning the dog to its owner, had displayed an example of moral behavior towards the kids.

And so, the morning routine continued. I dropped Savannah off at school first, then Olivia. “Mommy, can you come and have breakfast with my friends again?” Olivia stated. Yes, I thought my actions were sweet when I remained at her side yesterday by eating with her in the school cafeteria. Although, I later thought, by continuing to display such actions, by no means, helps her become self-reliant or live a life of independence. Moreover, I have a lot of work I could be doing instead (writing, cleaning, cooking, etc).

“No honey, I’m not allowed to,” thinking of the valuable me-time I would be wasting. “But I can give you a great, big hug and kiss and hope you have a wonderful day!” Just then, my dad’s voice echoed in my head and I had to repeat the words he once told me: “…and remember…you can make it a better day for someone else.” Knowing I was doing my job well, by repeating a statement my dad spoke often, I was gratified I was fulfilling my duty, being a Phenomenal Mom/Parent.

As I and the other parents (I’m sure) drove away from school that morning feeling like we were on Cloud 9, we had just completed Task 1 of The-Hardest-Job-In-The-World (getting the rug rats to school). The day was just beginning and I have a feeling, we have a phenomenal journey ahead of us. Here’s to you Phenomenal Parents…may the force be with you until we meet at the finish line!


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