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Moral/Phenomenal Behaviors

Posted by Sarah. V. Jackson on

I awoke feeling pretty good about myself and knew I was going to have a great day. I had awoken early (at my usual time), before the kids and, just as the sun was making its appearance for the day. I began with my daily stretching routine. With muscles awakening from a (so-called) night of slumber, I was prepared to have a great day. With the days cooling down as we get closer towards the winter months, the fresh, crisp air quickly and silently came upon us. I was ready to embark on the phenomenal journey ahead of me.

With Lucy, the dog, by my side, the mile run through our neighborhood went well. Towards the end of the run, as the city awakens with people commuting to their jobs, I greet the passing automobiles I’ve become accustomed to meeting daily. They, too, have become used to seeing my face regularly during these early mornings that I can’t help but smile and return their wave. Feeling I belong, and am accepted in this neighborhood, my house graciously awaits my returns; where I feel comforted and can spend my day without interruptions, noise and interference, at least until the kids return.

Just then, a neighbor’s dog (a Jack Russell Terrier, JRT, might I add) barrels out of my neighbor’s house and, instead of greeting us, attacks Lucy. Of course, Lucy is on a leash but, feeling a though I’m in the middle of their quarrel, I try to shoo the JRT away with my foot. Bad move, I latter thought, because now the dog will come after me. After yelling for the JRT to go home and trying to keep these two dogs (and myself) apart, who should come to the rescue but Blacky, our cat.

The JRT quickly loses interest in Lucy and runs after the cat, who takes cover under our van in the driveway. While the JRT continues to bark and, I’m sure tries to get under the car too, I take Lucy into our fenced-in yard where the girls, Olivia and Savannah, are watching. I now unleash Lucy so I can leash the JRT and bring him home. “MOMMY, THE GATE! YOU FORGOT TO CLOSE IT!” they shout as Lucy makes a bee-line toward the JRT.

“LUCY, COME!” I shout. Luckily, with all the training I do with her, she immediately ran back to me. Phew! I put her in the house, unleashed her and told the girls to keep her inside. I then proceeded to find the JRT, put the leash on him, and return him. I had heard the JRT barking incessantly, who by this time, had move on to my other neighbor’s house. Being the neighborhood dog-catcher that I felt I was, I searched my neighbor’s yard to find him barking under a tree. Oh good, he’s now distracted by a squirrel because he a) is hungry or b) wants to play. He then tried to climb the tree, and was succeeding. At this point, I was expecting to see the squirrel dart from branch to branch. Instead, who do I see? No one other than Blacky, our feline pet, who saves the day! Being momentarily distracted by the cat, the JRT allowed me to walk up to him, put a leash on him, and return him back to his home.

Phew! What a morning. But it doesn’t end there…wait…there’s more…

To be continued next week...


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