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Kids and Sports: Pursuing Phenomenal

Posted by Sarah V. Jackson on

An issue which has been somewhat bothersome lately is kids and sports. The decision of whether to enroll your youngster in extracurricular activities, more specifically sports, is both time consuming and an expense.

Interaction between child and adult is limited with school being seven hours a day. Add extracurricular activities to the school day, chores to be completed at home (bathe, brush teeth, brush hair and book time, or the four B’s) and one hardly gets one-on-one time with their child. A parent barely has enough time to make an edible meal after realizing that getting the kids to eat their meal will take up the majority of the evening. Therefore, time is even more limited with the daily activities of establishing a routine.

On the contrary, there is also the intention that a lot of parents want their child to excel in a sport or another activity. Some parents will do whatever it takes to ensure this goal is being met; spending more money and/or more time towards achieving this plan. Both time and money are needed to transport the child to their activity; which means money in the gas tank, time out of your day, money lost from work for travel to an activity and time away from the tasks at home. If parents are strapped for time as it is, shouldn’t time be invested in the present?

The obvious solution towards investing in the present, saving both time and money, brings us back to the early days; where life seemed simpler. A couple hours spent playing, running and laughing on the playground, or conversing while walking, or going for a bike ride together are the precious moments in life one never forgets. Time spent with one’s child is the most valuable gift one can give, or receive.

If time is the most valuable gift, why are some parents spending oodles of money on costly activities for their child? Perhaps some believe time is better spent learning a sport or activity. Maybe the parent wants their child to become the next olympian. Either way, if the parent can afford the expense of such activity, one should also be aware of the time spent away from their children.

However, the decision to enroll a child in an activity is made based on one’s beliefs. Personally speaking, as a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM) of two youngsters, a cat, a dog, a fiancé (thank goodness we got rid of the fish) and of course, a home where work is never done, I no longer enroll my kids in costly extra-curricular activities. I enjoy time spent with them, rather than hauling them somewhere. Perhaps when the kids get older and don’t want to spend time with me but would prefer me hauling them away to a friend’s house instead, I will reconsider my beliefs at that time.

For now, I will embrace this time when they are young. I will appreciate the moments spent with them at the playground; playing, laughing, running and bike riding. I will savor every minute of spoken communication with them, knowing that someday, words will become unspoken. I will enjoy the chaotic trips to the grocery store, McDonald’s PlayPlace (where every child is a bit chaotic) and even getting them ready for school each morning (if you’re a parent, you know what I mean). I will stay true to my beliefs, invest in the present and receive the greatest gift one could ask for, time with my child. Because once time is gone, you can’t press rewind.

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