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A Phenomenal Catastrophe

Posted by Sarah V. Jackson on

Two kids + a puppy + a cat in an 800 square-foot house = a recipe for disaster or a chaotic catastrophe. I think back to the movie with Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt in Cheaper By The Dozen, the characters of which have lots of kids (12). In a scene which shows how the couple manages to get their kids to school the mom states, “OK, Mom’s loosing it, Mom’s loosing it!” Relating my morning and nightly routine with my family to her comment makes me rest assured, that I’m not the only adult feeling as though I can’t control things and am on the verge of loosing myself.

Having feelings such as these remind me that maybe my Mom was right. Perhaps the decision to get a puppy, versus a dog or any other four-legged creature, could have been thought out better. The rational thoughts of why we (more so I) should get a puppy in the first place, along with the reasoning that this is the perfect time to get a puppy, could have been ignored. After having these thoughts, that I’m Super-Mom and can remain level-headed at all times while trying to create the life I think I deserve and want, I now begin to question myself. It appears as though I may have been wrong about adopting a puppy and my Mom was right for advising me not to. Adopting a puppy has sent me yet again, first class, directly to, you guessed it, the funny farm.

Admitting my shortcomings/faults has never been easy; it’s a task that requires strength for many. I know the obvious solution to my chaotic days would be to get rid of the puppy but, yet again, I consider myself to be strong and such action of doing so would ultimately hurt my pride. Just like a colicky baby or a tantrum-throwing toddler, I know this phase will soon pass and I can return to my so-called less-stressful, less-chaotic life. Although, having said that, I admit nothing could be further from the truth when living with a 4 and 6 year old who tire me endlessly.

A quick answer, or solution to my chaotic days appears to be out of sight and reach. Embracing the emotional ups and downs of this never-ending roller coaster ride, for this period of my life, is the only rational answer. For choosing to get off early, and stopping completely, one would miss the entire, most exhilarating ride of what we call life.


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