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About Us

Phenomenal Fudge® is a family operation in Shoreham, Vermont. In 1985 we opened a country store and soon noticed that we were selling more of our home made fudge than Vermont maple syrup.

We subsequently closed the store in 1996 and gave our fudge its own name and claim to fame. And voila ...Phenomenal Fudge was born.

Phenomenal Fudge is made possible through the phenomenal efforts of our Phenomenal Team.

thejacksons-300.jpgSteve & Robin Jackson - Founder and President 

In 1985 my wife, Robin, and I opened a country store in Middlebury, Vermont. We focused on marketing Vermont home made fudge. It wasn’t long before I noticed we were selling more of our fudge than Vermont maple syrup. In 1996 we began selling Phenomenal Fudge literally from the back of my pickup to stores up and down Vermont. Over the years our market has grown substantially but our fudge has remained absolutely the same: soft, creamy and absolutely phenomenal tasting. With the help of our oldest daughter, Sarah, we are dedicated to providing you with phenomenal tasting fudge, fast, affordable and quite literally, the best fudge you’ve ever had.

 Our site is secure: We do not sell your name or address. From here on in we consider you a friend and respect your privacy. The only spam we like is sliced and diced with eggs for breakfast. Your personal information stays here.

Thank you for your trust and business!
Steve and Robin Jackson - Owners and fudge makers since 1985


Winter in Vermont - Skiing 2013

 winterinvermont2014.jpgWinter in Vermont - Winter 2014